November 21, 2010

Cal Men's Soccer defeats UCSB 2-1 in Overtime 2nd NCAA

Cal Men's Soccer hosted UCSB for the 2nd round of NCAA Championship.

From a Saturday downpour, thunder and lightning, Sunday was supposed to be similar, but despite some looming clouds was a beautiful day!

It was certainly a physical match. In the 25th minute, Luis Silva picked up a red card for a foul on Servando Carrasco (who picked up a yellow card on the play).

This put UCSB down to 10 players and it remained a physical match.

Then later the UCSB goalie took out his own player with a good hit to face.

UCSB scored with less than 10 minutes left. But then at 88:20, UCSB had a penalty in the box which led to Servando Carrasco taking the penalty kick and tying it up 1-1.

It was back and forth and Servando ALMOST scored again.

With 0:01 left in the first golden goal overtime period, Davis Paul scored!!!

Cal advances and plays Brown next Sunday at Edwards. Go Bears!


  1. So let me get this right - you have a photo of the most contentious incident in NCAA soccer this year (Silva tackle on Carrasco and the aftermath) and your caption reads " Luis Silva picked up a red card for a foul on Servando Carrasco (who picked up a yellow card on the play) but he ended up injuring himself more."

    Come on "Momma Bear" - just report the facts ..... Carrasco punched Silva in the head after the tackle and it was Silva that got a red card (and a trip to hospital with concussion). Appalling refereeing decision, matched by the appallingly inaccurate caption on your photo.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

    I try to keep my blog accurate and used the game recap from both universities as my source. Neither reported about a punch or concussion, but I hope Silva has a speedy recovery.

  3. So you took that picture and didn't realize that it happened?!

    (Akron fan btw, saw video of it, terrible play.

  4. I couldn't see what happened on the play because unfortunately, the shot I had was blocked by other players.

    Congrats on the win and good luck through the rest of the tournament.

  5. Hey Kelly,
    Nice pictures, but if you really want to see what your picture captured with Luis Silva, check this footage out on youtube. That Berkley player realized he was introuble after the wistle blew and went to the floor. This is the most ridiculous play I've have ever seen.

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