December 19, 2010

Blogger and Stylist KC Fox

Any regular followers of my blog are familiar with my friend, K.C. Fox. She is a blogger, stylist, and someone who inspires me to prevent my apartment from looking like a tornado hit every room catastrophically and wear outfits that go beyond my standard jeans and tshirt.

One of my business ventures that I intend to roll out for 2011 is focusing on offering head shots with my company Get A Head Photo. I cannot even count the number of head shots I've taken for Cal, but let's figure Cal has over 900 student-athletes and I've been shooting all their head shots for the last 3 and 1/2 years... that's 2,700 head shots, not including coaches and staff. Plus non-Cal head shots for: Bio-G, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, US Soccer, San Jose Earthquakes, Women's Professional Soccer, a couple friends and even of myself!

In efforts to develop this business, I need more head shots that I have full copyright of so I can post them on my site and K.C. is my first official client. In addition, we did some fun more posed full/partial body portrait shots for her page. Thanks to her active blogging and hob-nobbing in the up-and-coming world, I'm up on the trend and have an page too! And it doesn't hurt to have my first client be a 5'10" blonde volleyball player!

Matt Brown, a photographer I look up to so much, told me at Sports Shooter Academy '09 that I need to photograph my family and friends in order to really learn how to direct a portrait session and now that I'm no longer editing for ISI, I have time to explore this more creative side of photography and develop as a photographer ... and I'm excited! =)

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