December 10, 2010

My Camera Collection

Since I can no longer continue to use the excuse "I just moved in" now that I've been at my place for 6 months (man, time flies!) I need to get my office together. Though I live in a one bedroom place, there a closet that, based on my apartment junior year, I would actually consider another bedroom. It fits my desk and is a great place to store the various camera gear I have.

I want to not only organize it, but decorate. I was thinking it would be fun to decorate the top shelf with some of my vintage cameras. But since I'm not a reliable duster, I thought it'd be a better idea to photograph my cameras and then just put up the photos.

So, I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

This is my mom's old camera.

And my great Uncle Ross's camera... I think it's for spies.

These are binoculars, not technically a camera, but still involves optics and reminds me of WALL-E love!!

Won't these be fun in my office? I also have these and more on my archive website if anyone wants their own print! =)


  1. I am going to guess that you have only used the ST605 Fujica here in your collection.

  2. Correct... though in the full set there's some others I've used ;-)