December 15, 2010

Stanford Men's Basketball defeats North Carolina A&T 76-59

Headed over to Stanford again today for another men's basketball game. Stanford defeated North Carolina A&T 76-59 at Maples Pavilion.

You would hardly be able to tell the difference between tonight's game and their game Sunday considering the opposing team was again blue and gold. I think it's so Stanford gets comfortable beating a blue a gold team in preparation for another blue and gold team they have to face ;-)

Andrew Zimmerman was getting a little beat up.

I was excited because in one of my photos Jarrett Mann fit my frame perfectly, this is it without a crop.

This game was a little faster, sometimes frantic, with a single possession that included 3 missed dunks, to go with the handful of other dunks that were missed during the game. I love flashy basketball, especially alley oops, but those only get you points if they go in. And some of them did. Phwesh.

Once Stanford had a comfortable lead, they put in some of the younger players. This team has (I believe, but don't quote me on it) 9 new players, and they've only played 8 games so far this season. They still need to work on communication a bit.

Though the Stanford tree was MIA, there was still plenty of Christmas spirit with Santa Claus making an appearance with Mrs. Claus and his friends!

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