April 24, 2011

Atlanta Braves Defeat the San Francisco Giants 9-6

My family came to visit for an early Easter celebration at my apartment in Emeryville (so amazing to accomodate my schedule to still have family holiday!) then I headed over to the Giants game again for a bright sunny afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves.

Braves up 2. Giants matched. Braves up 5-2. Giants up 6-5. Braves match 6-6.

Brian Wilson held the score in the 9th, but Giants were also held scoreless the bottom of the ninth... then came the 10th inning.

Somehow B Dubs ended up bases loaded with no outs! He was able to strike out one, and then tag out Jason Heyward at home. Fans were going getting pumped. Then Nate McClouth singles allows Chipper Jones and Dan Uggla to run home. 8-6.

Dan Runzler replaces Wilson, another single sends Eric Hinske home. 9-6. And Giants had nothing in the bottom of the 10th. But on a brighter side. The Easter Bunny was at the game ;-)

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