April 27, 2011

Cal Coach Gottlieb Day 2

Day two covering new Cal Women's Basketball Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb.

I swung by campus today to photograph her first individual practices with the girls. First the guards, then the posts.

Per NCAA rules she's not allowed to have a full team practice or even watch them scrimmage, and this is the final days of being able to have individuals before summer. It was great that Cal was able to hire her in time to have the opportunity for Coach G to connect with her players.

Though I love following sports, I'll never claim to know thaaaat much about them. But from my untrained eye, it seemed like a great practice. The girls could have gone into it with a "who do you think you are?" or "prove yourself to me" attitude, but they all showed up, ready to be coached, buying into the idea, and playing hard.

Afterwards, she continued some one-on-one meetings in her office with players.

Also, let's give some shout outs to Assistant Coach Charmin Smith who has really held down the fort for these girls while their head coach and assistant coach left for other jobs.

And another shout out to Jessica Dolan, also guiding the team through this crazy process.

It's great that as Coach G steps into this new position, without even having decided the new hires, already has a great staff around her. It's great for the coach, but more importantly, great for these young women.

Looking forward to the future of Cal Women's Basketball! Photos up: http://www.collegiatephotos.com/2010-2011/coachgday2

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