August 29, 2011

Leadership Award Scholars Freshman Induction Banquet

Headed over to Cal Alumni House for the Leadership Award Scholars Freshman Induction Banquet. As a student, receiving this award was a big part of my decision to enroll at UC Berkeley, and what a good decision that was! So now to be able to welcome the incoming freshman, is another reward!

I was the designated alum for a table of 9 students and they were all super inspiring in their unique ways. One was 16 and had her whole life mapped out to be graduating in 3 years then earn a PhD in MCB by 22. Another was fascinated with cars and looking forward to researching/creating the technology of the future. Everyone was enthused about the life they will live, experience and create for themselves and others while at Cal. One asked if I was a freshman, which was flattering, but then asked when I graduated and said "oh, wow, that is a while back".... haha Ouch. I'm old.

I am so grateful to be a Cal alum and the amazing community I am a part of forever! Though the event was made to inspire the freshman, I walked out feeling more inspired than anyone!

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