September 17, 2011

Cal Football defeats Presbyterian 63-12

Headed over to AT&T Park, but not for baseball. This time for Cal Football vs Presbyterian, but not for Cal or Presswire. This time for Presbyterian. Add that to Water Polo being played in McCovey... and it was a unique day indeed!

Cal Football is being played in AT&T Park while Memorial Stadium is under renovation. Though I am not covering CalAthletics for Golden Bear Sports, I have thankfully been able to find a way to photograph many Cal events through US Presswire, this game I was fortunate to be hired by Presbyterian College to cover the game for them through

Though I love the fast paced environment of shooting editorially, I also really enjoy working for a team, providing coverage that tells the story of the game, but always puts the client/team you are working for in the best light. Sometimes it's a bit of a challenge when the team you are covering loses 63-12 on two touchdowns by the defense. But there were still plays in between to make Presbyterian look good!

Though I focused on Presbyterian, sometimes Cal overshadowed the play with Sean Cattouse's interception.

But Presbyterian also had some big defensive plays of their own, a blocked punt for a touchdown, and an interception for a touchdown.

I miss shooting at Memorial Stadium and there are some challenges to photographing games at a baseball park. But the challenge is mainly for the players who might lose their footing in the dirt, or kick up dust after trying to catch the two point conversion. So if they can adapt, I should be able to as well!

All in all, I'm happy to see my alma mater get a win, happy I was able to capture some nice images of Presbyterian that they were happy with, happy to be making progress with and happy to be doing what I love =)

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