September 1, 2011

City College of San Francisco Rams Women's Soccer Headshots

Headed over to City College of San Francisco to photograph the Rams Women's Soccer team headshots.

We were certainly dealing with some wind issues, but that can be slightly controlled with photoshop =)

Unfortunately I won't be photographing Cal's head shots this season, but I'm very excited to photograph college athletics both action and portraits for

Big thanks to their head coach, my buddy Gabe Saucedo, who helped connect me to CCSF and was also the guinea pig for lighting... good thing I picked up a translucent zip disk from Calumet on the way... perfect way to help flatten those harsh shadows on the face! Thanks to the staff and girls who helped hold it too!

Full set up at

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  1. It's a pretty cool campus, students here are very intelligent and sporty as well. Btw, I envy your photography skills. school funding